Janae is the owner of Well Beyond Beauty,
offering professional makeup, aesthetic services, and essential oil products.

“I am more than just a makeup artist and aesthetician - I love being a part of the whole project and really capturing the essence of what needs to be conveyed. It is more than just a job. I love to connect with you and help you feel so confident in who you were created to be. I am detail oriented, punctual, and custom create every single look + service for every client.”


My passion for makeup was ignited by growing up with four other sisters who I loved applying makeup on as well as working in three high end salons. I attended cosmetology school, realizing I wanted my main focus to be purely on makeup. I furthered my knowledge by attending a makeup academy in the heart of Hollywood which birthed my love for runway. I have been a part of a team of makeup artists for FIDM debut fashion shows and OTIS fashion shows in Los Angeles and a freelance makeup artist for Yves St Laurent and Armani. My journey into becoming an aesthetician was honestly an easy, and organic transition. It was always a dream of mine somewhere between the babies, and life, to go back and be licensed. Although I love to focus on a more natural approach to aesthetics, I do love and appreciate the medical side of skincare. I am also a licensed laser tech with advanced knowledge to help incorporate into your beauty and wellness journey. Because I’ve been known as the “makeupless makeup artist”, it just made sense. I don’t wear makeup because I LOVE skincare and am passionate to my core about women being confident with a bare face and not feeling like they need to cover it up. Although it seemed counter productive to some to be so known as a makeupless makeup artist, it’s just something for me that I believe in and it felt like me. Makeup should be fun, and you should use it because you want to and not because you feel you should have to. I want to be able to help people clear up their skin, or just be a part of their self care journey. I love pampering people and being a place of rest and rejuvenation, and in turn helping improve their wellness and skincare journey.  Whether I’m applying makeup, skincare, or other beauty service, my goal is for you to feel confident and empowered, walking away with some education regarding your body and whole self.

a little more about me

I am a proud mama of two precious girls and a little boy!  I am happiest having a hot cup of tea in hand, traveling, playing mamarazzi, and collaborating with other creatives in the industry. I’m a hippie with a side of juvederm. And if you’re into the enneagram, I am a 1 and a 7 almost tied!



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